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The politics of cow farts and Burger King’s Whopper – Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net

By Don “Doc” Sanders

Many of you have probably read about Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s advocacy for plant-based diets to eliminate global warming caused by cow farts. Now Burger King has gotten into the act with a real whopper. And I’m not talking about the Whopper, Burger King’s double-decker hamburger with all the trimmings.

What I’m writing about is Burger King’s new marketing whopper, an ad that is trying to convince consumers that by buying a Whopper, they’ll play a role in reducing global warming. That’s because Burger King is beginning to sell burgers made with beef from cattle fed lemongrass. Burger King claims that lemongrass makes the cows fart less and thus release into the atmosphere less methane. (No promises for their customers, from what I’ve seen.)

Let me give you some background on lemongrass. ‎Cymbopogon is the genus of the lemongrass family, which includes 52 species. Commonly called barbed wire grass, lemongrass grows in countries ranging from Vietnam to Australia. Most often, lemongrass is processed into citronella oil, medical herbs and perfumes.

Lemongrass is a warm season grass noted for its high content of indigestible lignin-containing cellulose, which provides ruminants, like cows, subsistence if not any nutritional support.

I am guessing Burger King hasn’t researched this next little factoid I discovered about lemongrass. Practitioners of voodoo use it to cleanse houses of evil spirits or bring good luck to love affairs. (Again, no promises for people who wolf down Whoppers.)

Wow, what a resource! Lemongrass, as BK claims, reduces global warming,