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Growing up a veterinarian’s son – Rochelle News Leader

On Father’s Day, I found myself contemplating the veterinarians in my life.
You see, I’ve been blessed with two veterinarians – my father and my wife.
Growing up, I was always “Doc Reeder’s boy.”
Together we would ride from farm to farm across Knox and Warren counties. I observed and helped with countless surgeries.
Sometimes it was as simple as, “Hold the flashlight, Scotty.”
Later, as a teenager, I was gripping the edges of a uterus incision as my father pulled a calf into the world during a Caesarean section.
I remember when I was in kindergarten, sitting cross legged in a barnyard answering my Dad’s questions.
“How many stomachs does a cow have, Scotty?”
“Four, Dad.”
“Well let’s take a look at them, Scotty.”
He then proceeded to perform a post mortem, explaining the purpose of each organ in language a 5-year-old could understand.
I remember falling off my bicycle in the second grade and walking home with an injured arm. My father took a look at it and said, “It’s either a fracture or a really bad sprain.”
His next step was to take me to the veterinary clinic for an x-ray.
I still remember him striding into Cottage Hospital’s emergency room with me by his side. He hollered, “He doesn’t need to go to radiology, I’ve got an x-ray film right here.”
Animal doctors seem more direct and practical than their human counterparts. Perhaps it’s not having to deal with lawsuits and hospital politics.
But it goes beyond that.  
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